Brand Strategy . Brand World And Ideation . 2022

We have been thrilled to have the opportunity of taking part on the Swaine rebirth. Since 1750, Swaine is the oldest name in luxury goods in London providing handmade luxury leather goods, elegant Brigg umbrellas and timeless Herbert Johnson headwear. In 2023, those 3 brands are coming together under Swaine, the house of British gentle men and women.

Please note that the attached designs were only thought-provocation and are not final.


Soba bamboo furniture by Stefan Diez naturally changes colour over time.
Bamboo 3D panels are handmade by casting bamboo sections in translucent resins. The diagonally-cut bamboo sections may be open or filled with a different colour resin for a spatial effect. By changing the amount, size, or direction of bamboo ovals, the acoustic performance of the panels changes as well as their look and feel. Light enhances the translucency and pattern of the panels, making their effect as subtle or prominent as desired. text inside of a div block.
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