Hennessy Paradis

Brand repositioning . Strategy . Content creation . 2022

Paradis is on Earth

A celebration of harmony and beauty starring Alicia Keys and Lang Lang, where music operates as a bridge between nature and culture.

Driven by the idea that harmony is a generative process which seeks to reunite differences through creativity, we crafted a storyline for an expressive and energetic moment of art, music and poetry. The awe-inspiring synergy took place in a Paradis Canyon landscape in Utah.

The film was directed by RSA films’ director Neels Castillon. Still photography was created by artist and photographer Viviane Sassen.


Soba bamboo furniture by Stefan Diez naturally changes colour over time.
Bamboo 3D panels are handmade by casting bamboo sections in translucent resins. The diagonally-cut bamboo sections may be open or filled with a different colour resin for a spatial effect. By changing the amount, size, or direction of bamboo ovals, the acoustic performance of the panels changes as well as their look and feel. Light enhances the translucency and pattern of the panels, making their effect as subtle or prominent as desired. text inside of a div block.
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